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Welcome to Lakshmi Shell

Resin Coated Sand is manufactured by coating silica sand with resin in batch mixture with catalyst and subsequently coated sand is passed through a heating chamber for complete curing. Thus liquid resin gives uniform coating on the sand grains and this sand is used for making cores and moulds in the shell process. The range of Resin Coated Sand used in production of cores & moulds by shell process with superb hot strength.This resin coated sand is very smooth, free flowing and dry with good resistance to moisture.

Our Major Customers

  • M/s.Brakes India Ltd,
  • M/s.Sundaram Clayton Ltd,
    Padi, Tamilnadu.
Head Office: ‘Shanmugha Jayam’ 23,
Kutcherry Road, Mylapore,
Chennai 600 004

Phone: +91 44 24642385 / +91 44 2464379